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Drawing (A,B,C, I-VIII)

Magical Drawing & Colouring Book is a series of drawing books for classes Nursery to 8. This series is a unique creation of skill and dexterity with inbuilt versatility to approach any art and craft task with simplicity and enthusiasm.

Some salient features of this series are: 

  • All figures in the books have been chosen according to the age level of the learners and have been drawn on special drawing sheets.
  • This series has the activities like collage making, thread painting, thumb impression, mirror pasting etc. These activities will help the children to improve thier fine motor skills and gross motor skills.
  • Through this series learners will learn to identify various colours and make different colour effects.
  • Activities like pencil waste pasting, wax crayons, leaves pasting etc. have made the series all time enjoyable for children.


drawing1   Rs. 90.00


drawing2   Rs. 90.00


drawing3   Rs. 90.00


drawing4   Rs. 100.00


drawing5 Rs. 100.00


drawing6   Rs. 100.00


   Rs. 100.00


drawing8   Rs. 100.00


drawing9   Rs. 140.00


drawing10   Rs. 140.00


drawing11   Rs. 160.00