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Learning Day’s this series contains three activity-based books namely Magic Alphabet, English Pre-primer and English Primer. Alphabet Book contains the recognition of alphabets with pictures and various activities, English Pre-primer and English Primer contains the sound of vowels with colourful illustrations, use of articles, in, on, under, and, it, this , that, he , she , has, have, and many more.


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lds_eng1a   Rs. 105.000

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lds_eng1    Rs. 115.00


lds_eng2   Rs. 130.00

English Reader (Class I-V)

English_Page_1   Rs. 185.00


English_Page_2   Rs. 195.00


English_Page_3  Rs. 195.00

English_Page_4   Rs. 195.00


English_Page_5   Rs. 195.00