English (Main Course Book) I – VIII

(Main Course Reader with Animated CD)  

Snow white is a series of English Main Course Books and Workbooks, consisting of five books in all for the students of classes 1 to 8. it is based on the National Curriculum Framework of NCERT and the latest CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) Pattern.

 Some features of our series are as follows:

  • Each book consists fo suitable collection of prose, extract, poetry, etc. that deals with varied aspects of life.
  • The chapters given in the books are categorically divided into different headings.
  • Know new words helps the students to gain knowledge about difficult words and strengthen vocabulary.
  • MCQ, Fill in the blanks, True of False and Answer the following questions are designed to develop various skills like reading, writing, comprehending and evaluating.
  • Go Grammar presents the grammar structured mammer with completely explained concepts. It enables the students to learn easily. Important grammar concepts are graded systematically and explained with examples.
  • Vocabulary Builder builds the word power of the students.
  • Write well and Activities develop the thinking skills of the students.
  • HOTS, Value Based Questions and Comprehension improves the writing and thinking skills of the students.
  • Learning by doing is to develop observation. Data collection and inferential skill is the basic motto behind our activities. Each book is accompanied with a CD which has beautiful visuals, animations, interactive excurses in a musical concept. This CD will serve in the form of e-book also.



without CD Rs. 175.00          with CD Rs. 195.00



without CD Rs. 175.00          with CD Rs. 195.00



without CD Rs. 175.00          with CD Rs. 195.00



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without CD Rs. 195.00          with CD Rs. 215.00



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