Environmental Studies I-V

(A textbook with animated CD) 

We are representing our new series Life on Earth for Classes 1 to 5. It is based on the latest National Curriculum Framework of NCERT and latest CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) pattern.

 Some salient features of this series are: 

  • Our series includes the Summative and Formative Assessment based on CCE scheme.
  • Brief and simple language has been used to make understandable to all students.
  • Think and write given in between the chapters, enables the student to answer some brief question about what they have learnt.
  • Do You Know gives the student some extra knowledge about the topic.
  • Chapter Backup summaries the chapter in brief key points.
  • Scholastic contain various Formative and Summative Assessment question based on the chapter.
  • Co-scholastic contain various interesting activities for the students to make learning enjoyable.
  • Learning by doing is do develop observation. Data collection and inferential skill is the basic motto behind our activities. Each book is accompanied with a CD which has beautiful visuals, animations, interactive exercises in a musical concept. This CD will serve in the form of e-book also.



without CD Rs. 155.00          with CD Rs. 175.00




without CD Rs. 165.00          with CD Rs. 185.00



without CD Rs. 195.00          with CD Rs. 215.00


without CD Rs. 205.00          with CD Rs. 225.00


without CD Rs. 215.00          with CD Rs. 235.00