Mathematics I – VIII

We have prepared our new series, Composite Mathematics for classes I to VIII. This series is complied with energy and enjoyment, making it more friendly to the students. It is designed on the basis of the latest NCERT curriculum and the latest CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) scheme.


Salient Feature for our Series:  

  • Summative Assessment questions test the knowledge of the students that they acquired by learning through the chapters and Formative Assessment questions enable the teacher to monitor student’s progress at regular intervals.
  • There are catchy illustrations and layout with text in an interesting manner to make it more interesting for the students.
  • Revision Exercise is given in the starting of the chapters which enables the students to revise what they had learnt in their previous class.
  • Remember and Do You Know ? will make the students more familiar about the topics they learn.
  • HOTS questions enable the students to think beyond the boundaries of the chapter.
  • Tricky Maths contains the questions that will help the students to do calculations quickly.
  • There is Recapitulate at the end of each chapter to enhance the knowledge of the concerned topic which would be helpful for the students in the next level.
  • Some chapters contain the Experimenting Time at the end that will help the students in building and learning concepts through different and interesting activities. 

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