Art & Activity ABC I-5

All children like to play with pencils and colours. So, we have prepared a new series titled Art Attack for Classes A, B, C, I to V. This series contains the art and craft activities. This series will help the child to clearly understand and develop the concept of colours, figure drawing, pencil shadings, craft activities, etc.  With this series the child will explore, learn and enjoy the world of art apart from unveiling the treasure of their hidden talent. It not only provides a large variety of activities but also provides the materials required to do these activities.

lwb_art_a    Rs. 170.00



lwb_art_b     Rs. 170.00



lwb_art_c    Rs. 170.00



lwb_art1    Rs. 220.00



lwb_art2   Rs. 220.00



lwb_art3   Rs. 220.00



lwb_art4   Rs. 220.00



lwb_art5   Rs. 220.00